Kor Karaoke Yelp reviews
ArtistSong TitleTrack #
"Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" - Rogers, FredWon't You Be My Neighbor?SC-8438-01
"George Of The Jungle"George Of The JungleSC-8438-02
"Howdy Doody"Howdy DoodySC-8438-03
"Felix The Cat"Felix The CatSC-8438-04
"Speed Racer"Speed RacerSC-8438-07
"Mighty Mouse"Mighty MouseSC-8438-08
"Banana Splits, The"Tra-La-La Song, TheSC-8438-09
"Josie And The Pussycats"Josie And The PussycatsSC-8438-10
"Sigmund And The Sea Monsters"Sigmund And The Sea MonstersSC-8438-11
"Casper, The Friendly Ghost"Casper, The Friendly GhostSC-8438-12
"Muppet Show, The"Muppet Show, TheSC-8438-13
"Land Of The Lost"Land Of The LostSC-8438-14
"Jetsons, The"Jetsons, TheSC-8438-17
"Archie Show, The" - Archies, TheArchie Show, TheSC-8438-18
"H.R. Pufnstuf"H.R. PufnstufSC-8438-19
"Animaniacs, The"Animaniacs, TheSC-8438-20
"Hong-Kong Phooey"Hong-Kong PhooeySC-8438-21
"Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids"Fat Albert And The Cosby KidsSC-8438-22

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