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There are three main ways in which I can help your next party or event be a successful one. The first, of course, is karaoke. As anyone who has tried it knows, karaoke is an amazingly fun form of self-expression, and provides a great way to "break the ice." My karaoke library is large, and covers a very wide range of styles, so everyone can participate. Feel free to check out what I have. If there's a particular song or songs I don't have that you want for your event, please let me know as soon as possible. I can check if they're available (they have to have been remade in karaoke form), and purchase them in advance.

The second way I can help is the more general class of live sound. I have two professional-quality wireless microphones, each with a range of 300 meters, and a very clean sound system. To date, I have been able to help with speeches, award ceremonies, weddings, MCed events (one of the more recent being a bellydance exhibition), and even (since I have a good mixer board) live music. I also have the ability to record your event.

Thirdly, I can, of course, simply play music. I don't have a particularly large music library, though given sufficient advance notice, I can acquire tracks of whatever style is desired. To date, most customers have supplied me with the songs they want played. In that case, I can handle just about any standard form/encoding. I've done music for wedding ceremonies, then DJed the following reception. I've also done parties that were a mix of dance music and karaoke.

My equipment, while compact enough to fit in a small car, is powerful enough to fill just about any size banquet hall, or handle any outdoor event up to about 400 people. I'll be happy, of course, to rent equipment for larger venues.

If I don't need to subcontract or rent equipment, I can be available for your event with about a day's notice. I of course prefer advance notice - in fact, as much as you can provide. Apart from simply making sure that your time is reserved, time in advance allows me to fully consult with you, make any necessary preparations, and, especially for outdoor events, scout out the location.

Like all professional DJs, I carry standard liability insurance, and should your venue require it, I can provide them with a certificate of insurance.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule your next party, or with any questions you might have. This is what I love to do, and I pride myself on my skill and professionalism.

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