Kor Karaoke Yelp reviews
ArtistSong TitleTrack #
Crash Test DummiesAfternoons & CoffeespoonsSTTW-C03-06
Crash Test DummiesSuperman's SongSTTW-C03-07
DevoBeautiful WorldSTTW-C03-04
Dropkick MurphysWild Rover, TheSTTW-C03-11
Flowers, BrandonOnly The YoungSTTW-C03-02
Keith, TobyNights I Can't Remember, Friends I'll Never ForgetKV-985-81
"Kiss Me Kate"Always True To You (In My Fashion) [solo+]STS-6023-2-13
"Kiss Me Kate"Always True To You (Reprise)STS-6023-2-14
"Kiss Me Kate"Another Op'nin', Another Show [complete cast]STS-6023-2-01
"Kiss Me Kate"Bianca [quintet+]STS-6023-2-15
"Kiss Me Kate"Brush Up Your Shakespeare [duet]STS-6023-2-17
"Kiss Me Kate"Brush Up Your Shakespeare (1st Encore) [duet]STS-6023-2-18
"Kiss Me Kate"Brush Up Your Shakespeare (2nd Encore) [duet]STS-6023-2-19
"Kiss Me Kate"I Am Ashamed That Women Are So SimpleSTS-6023-2-20
"Kiss Me Kate"I Hate MenSTS-6023-2-08
"Kiss Me Kate"I've Come To Wive It Wealthily In Padua [solo+]STS-6023-2-07
"Kiss Me Kate"Kiss Me, Kate [duet+]STS-6023-2-10
"Kiss Me Kate"Kiss Me, Kate (Finale) [duet+]STS-6023-2-21
"Kiss Me Kate"So In LoveSTS-6023-2-04
"Kiss Me Kate"So In Love (Reprise)STS-6023-2-16
"Kiss Me Kate"Tom, Dick Or Harry [quartet]STS-6023-2-06
"Kiss Me Kate"Too Darn Hot [solo+]STS-6023-2-11
"Kiss Me Kate"We Open In Venice [quartet+]STS-6023-2-05
"Kiss Me Kate"Were Thine That Special FaceSTS-6023-2-09
"Kiss Me Kate"Where Is The Life That Late I Led?STS-6023-2-12
"Kiss Me Kate"Why Can't You Behave? [duet]STS-6023-2-02
"Kiss Me Kate"Wunderbar [duet]STS-6023-2-03
KraftwerkModel, TheSTTW-C03-05
Massive AttackSafe From Harm [duet]STTW-C03-08
Massive AttackUnfinished SympathySTTW-C03-09
Mitchell, JoniCaliforniaSTTW-C03-03
O'Connor, SinéadSacrificeSTTW-C03-12
QueensrÿcheAnybody Listening?STTW-C03-10
Sex Pistols, TheFriggin' In The Riggin'STTW-C03-13
Sex Pistols, TheHolidays In The SunSTTW-C03-14
Tears For FearsPale ShelterSBI-G301-72
Vega, SuzanneQueen And The Soldier, TheKV-105165-88
Young, NeilOnly Love Can Break Your HeartSTTW-C03-01
Zappa, FrankBroken Hearts Are For AssholesSBI-G147-64
Zappa, FrankDancin' FoolSBI-G181-45
Zappa, FrankHe's So GaySBI-G234-47
Zappa, FrankJewish PrincessSBI-G191-46

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