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Band karaoke is like "standard" karaoke, with music and a lyrics display, except instead of a canned backing track, the music is provided by a live band which adjusts itself to the singer. It's an amazing experience. I've partnered with the excellent band Johnny Favorite Presents, whom I would heartily recommend.

So what can I bring to improve the experience? Put simply, I can fill in the gaps. There are a couple of minor limitations to band karaoke. First of all, breaks - musicians are human beings, and can only play for so long at a stretch - every 45 minutes or so, they need to take a 15 minute break. Second of all, selection - Johnny Favorite has a very large repertoire for a band, at around 400 songs (though given some advance warning, they'll happily learn another one). By contrast, I have over 24,500 karaoke tracks in my collection.

The solution is simple. I can provide DJ and/or karaoke services while the band is idle. Most events involve an initial cocktail hour/dinner, and I can DJ during that period. During the actual karaoke segment of the evening, I can accumulate song requests for songs not provided by the band, and then seamlessly shift over to a segment of "standard" karaoke while the band is on break.

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in doing a band karaoke event, or to ask any questions.

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