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I provide a variety of services. Most events I work involve a mix of the following, but largely what I can provide boils down to:

This is the largest part of my business (it's in the name, after all), and I've done private karaoke parties of all sizes all over Northern California. You can read more about what I provide here.
Online Karaoke:
I run online karaoke parties, where everyone participates from the comfort of their home - or wherever their computer happens to be. You can read more about it here.
I DJ as well, and regularly do dances, company parties and weddings, always in the style of music requested by the customer. You can read more about my DJ offerings here
I MC, DJ, and occasionally KJ quite a number of weddings. While on the face of it they're just a mix of my other offerings, there are a few things that make weddings unique. You can read more about what I can do for you here
Live Sound:
I frequently do sound for corporate events, where it's important that every voice be clear and understandable, and also mix the occasional small band. You can read more about it here
Band Karaoke:
This is a relatively recent phenomenon where you get to front a live band, but with a lyrics prompter to help as with karaoke. I've partnered with the excellent band Johnny Favorite Presents for a hybrid type of party you can read about here.
Booking Info:
Information about what to expect when you book me. You can read it here.

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