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I've been running karaoke club shows and parties since 1996, and so have had the opportunity to hone a few skills here and there. Private karaoke party There's even some evidence for this - apart from my Yelp reviews, one of the bars I run the karaoke for (the King of Clubs) has gotten more awards that I can count from both the Metro and the Mercury News, and another (the Cat Club) has gotten two, as well as a mention in Zagat.

I've managed this through a combination of factors:

When I've agreed to a gig, I never cancel, and show up on time prepared and cheerful. I am always helpful and responsive to my clients.
I only use professional grade equipment, and have spent a great deal of time learning how to properly use it.
Attention to detail
I pay careful attention to the sound of each singer and song, and adjust the sound to match. Between that and the quality of the equipment, I get frequent comments on how good my system sounds, not to mention how good my singers sound.
Song selection
I've spent many years constantly upgrading my song collection, and have as a result one of the largest and most eclectic legal collections around.
Song catalogs
A good song collection is only good if the songs can be found. Apart from the always up-to-date list available here, I bring with me 10 printed sets of song catalogs. These are reprinted every 3-4 months, so they're current. They're also extensively checked, and any errors are quickly corrected, so you're not trying to find Hotel California, only to discover that it's in the book as the song Hotel by the California Eagles.
I have an extensive knowledge of songs, and can be very helpful finding desired songs based on very little information, should the song catalogs prove insufficient.

Please feel free to contact me about any events I can help you with. You can read about what is mainly involved here, but don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

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