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ArtistSong TitleTrack #
Big Audio DynamiteRock With The CavemanSBI-G031-15
ChicagoIf You Leave Me NowSBI-G044-48
CinderellaGypsy RoadSC-8917-12
CinderellaHeartbreak StationSC-8917-09
Del Rey, LanaCarmen {English-French}SBI-G255-39
Del Rey, LanaDark ParadiseKV-1442-60
Del Rey, LanaNational AnthemSBI-G256-48
Del Rey, LanaOff To The RacesKV-1373-91
Del Rey, LanaSummertime SadnessKV-1442-67
Del Rey, LanaThis Is What Makes Us GirlsKV-1412-87
Del Rey, LanaWithout YouKV-1461-19
ExtremeHole HeartedSC-8917-13
FirehouseDon't Treat Me BadSC-8917-10
Flogging MollySalty DogKV-1518-25
Great WhiteSave Your LoveSC-8917-05
Guns N' RosesLive And Let DieSC-8917-14
Guzmán, AlejandraDe Verdad {Spanish}OKE-0139-12
Guzmán, AlejandraDiablo {Spanish}OKE-0139-10
Guzmán, AlejandraLipstick {Spanish}OKE-0139-09
Guzmán, AlejandraTu Eres Mi Luz {Spanish}OKE-0139-11
"Heavy Metal" - Felder, DonHeavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)SC-8917-01
"Monsters, Inc."If I Didn't Have You [duet]SF-DT11-77
"Next To Normal"Better Than Before / Aftershocks [quintet]PS-6183-23
"Next To Normal"Didn't I See This Movie? [duet]PS-6183-24
"Next To Normal"Everything ElsePS-6183-19
"Next To Normal"I Am The One [trio]PS-6183-16
"Next To Normal"I Miss The MountainsPS-6183-20
"Next To Normal"I'm AlivePS-6183-14
"Next To Normal"I've BeenPS-6183-22
"Next To Normal"Just Another Day [quartet]PS-6183-17
"Next To Normal"Maybe (Next To Normal) [duet]PS-6183-13
"Next To Normal"Superboy And The Invisible Girl [trio]PS-6183-15
"Next To Normal"There's A WorldPS-6183-21
"Next To Normal"You Don't KnowPS-6183-18
Nickel CreekLighthouse's Tale, TheSBI-G216-59
NightwishOver The Hills And Far AwayKV-910-24
NightwishPhantom Of The Opera [duet]KV-1519-49
NightwishSleeping SunKV-766-54
Of Monsters And MenLittle Talks [duet]SBI-G258-12
Phillips, PhillipHomeSBI-G256-43
PoisonI Want ActionSC-8917-11
Quiet RiotSlick Black CadillacSC-8917-15
Shotgun MessiahHeartbreak Blvd.SC-8917-06
Skid RowMonkey BusinessSC-8917-03
TeslaModern Day CowboySC-8917-08
Trevi, GloriaCon Los Ojos Cerrados {Spanish}OKE-0139-04
Trevi, GloriaDr. Psiquiatra {Spanish}OKE-0139-03
Trevi, GloriaHoy Me Iré De Casa {Spanish}OKE-0139-07
Trevi, GloriaPapa Sin Catsup, La {Spanish}OKE-0139-06
Trevi, GloriaPelo Suelto {Spanish}OKE-0139-01
Trevi, GloriaRecuento De Los Daños, El {Spanish}OKE-0139-08
Trevi, GloriaTu Ángel De La Guarda {Spanish}OKE-0139-05
Trevi, GloriaZapatos Viejos {Spanish}OKE-0139-02
Twisted SisterBurn In HellSC-8917-04
"Urinetown"Act One Finale [octet]STS-6032-08
"Urinetown"Cop Song [sextet]STS-6032-04
"Urinetown"Don't Be The Bunny [quintet]STS-6032-07
"Urinetown"Follow Your Heart [duet]STS-6032-05
"Urinetown"I See A River [sextet]STS-6032-16
"Urinetown"It's A Privilege To Pee [trio]STS-6032-02
"Urinetown"Look At The Sky [septet]STS-6032-06
"Urinetown"Mister Cladwell [quintet]STS-6032-03
"Urinetown"Run, Freedom, Run! [trio]STS-6032-11
"Urinetown"Snuff That Girl [septet]STS-6032-10
"Urinetown"Tell Her I Love Her [sextet]STS-6032-13
"Urinetown"Too Much Exposition [octet]STS-6032-01
"Urinetown"We're Not Sorry [decuplet]STS-6032-14
"Urinetown"We're Not Sorry (Reprise) [duet]STS-6032-15
"Urinetown"What Is Urinetown? [decuplet]STS-6032-09
"Urinetown"Why Did I Listen To That Man? [nonet]STS-6032-12
Van Halen(Oh) Pretty WomanSC-8917-07
WhitesnakeFool For Your LovingSC-8917-02

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